Why Career Counselling?

“In the journey of Success nothing can stop you except your Own Self” – Ms. Rupali Banerjee

We are living in a digital world where there are multiple solutions for every problem. Each day there is something new that is being launched, may it be technology, company, university or even a course for that matter. The jobs that we have now were not known to us 20 years ago, similarly, the jobs that are going to lead the future have not even been discovered right now.

A decade ago Career Counselling was limited to people who looked for a change in job. Today, with multiple career options being available, there is a need for early decision making in order to pick the right career path for a successful future.

A successful career is a result of selecting the right and suitable course, which differs from one student to another. Every individual is unique and has different career exploration goals. In conversation with Ms. Rupali, she shares.. ”If a student does not pick up the right course at the right time, it will inadvertently affect their career choice. It is common when students end up being unhappy with their career choices due to lack of awareness. This makes one clear truth – the importance of career guidance in schools. To find the right career, there needs to be an understanding of what course to take and capabilities that match their interests. Career counselling in schools ensure the right kind of help to overcome negativity and stop students from making such mistakes.”

Career counselling is important, especially in today's age when there are so many options and methods to match an individual’s aptitudes, abilities and interests to the opportunities available. Guidance at the right time will help individuals and societies at large. One must seek counselling at least once in their life. This will not only guide them towards the right career path but also help them gain perspective on real-life scenarios.