About Our Corporation

Discover your career with the most advanced tools and techniques with GenXCareer

GenXCareer is a Career Counselling service provider in Kolkata, founded by Ms. Rupali Banerjee, a Certified Career Counsellor. GenXCareer is a team of professional and trained counsellors who believe that a student can excel in his or her career path if guided on the best choices at the right time.

Guidance at GenXCareer is based on scientifically developed career test which helps in analyzing the aptitude, personality and interests of the student. The approach is an essential answer to career confusions that students have by considering the natural potential, personality, and interest and study habits apart from their academic performance trends.

Based on the career assessments, the students are provided career guidance to help them make the right academic and career decisions.

GenXCareer provides online accessible tools for career guidance which can be easily accessible for students, colleges, universities and individuals. With a vision to reach out to every student, school, college and universities keen to engage to provide the best career goal, GenXCareer is committed to adapt to a process of continuous innovation “best in class” tools and techniques and accesses to educational institutions across the globe.

Career Counselling gives us an opportunity to be a part of the student’s life in a very powerful way. It gives us the joy of fulfilment to address not what students can or cannot do, but how they can do it. Our aim is to provide a complete holistic self-satisfaction in guiding students to utilize their skills and generate interest in school, college or university. A student who disliked academics would see the options and benefits and generate interest in academics as per their skills and would walkway feeling lighter and excited to lead their own personal journey.

GenXCareer provides a complete 4-Stage journey to career success. The journey starts from school (Standard VIII/IX/X) where students need to know their capabilities and career options available. We begin with guidance from this stage to schools and individuals with psychometric assessments, university search tools, multiple perspectives with in-person counselling sessions. GenxCareer provides information about more than 8000+ colleges in India and Abroad to set career milestones.

GenXCareer is a “One Stop” solution to the students’ career aspirations.